Because I am not perfect, I’ve got a ‘stache, if you will, this blog is not about how wonderful and perfect me and my children are.  In fact, this isn’t really about the children at all.  It’s about how I’m learning and growing as a person through this career called motherhood.

As moms, who really try or sometimes try or want to try, education or learning something new can often be the difference in barely surviving and actually enjoying motherhood.  Yet, it can be so hard to figure out what to learn, how to learn and if what you learned is actually helping or hurting you in your role.  That’s why I advocate asking questions.  This blog is my attempt to document the questions I’ve asked over the years and how the answers I have received have helped me to find more joy, fulfillment and purpose in my life.


I think we learn best when we share what is helpful to us with others, I heartily encourage experiences, thoughts and ideas from others and would love to have you join the conversation on our Facebook group.  I look forward to seeing you there.

For additional help in finding your own answers:

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