Aw, February the month of love, valentines cards that must be addressed to all 25 members of your kid’s class (times however many kids you have in elementary school) and the pressure to make some elaborate, but unecessary craft to go with them.

Resist the temptation.  Unless you like that sort of thing.

Instead, let’s do something fun with our kids.  Here are a few things I’ll be trying with mine.  We’re going to be focusing on kindness and love this month for all my kids.  I’m hoping to work on sharing with my 2 year old as well.

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Books we will read:

      1. My Friend is Sad and other books by Mo Willems.  Elephant and Piggy are friends in this book.  Piggy explores ways to help his friend be happy and finds out in the end all he needs to do is be there with him.
    1. Purpilicious-Pinkalicious has friends who don’t want to play with her because she still likes pink and they like black. It is a good one for talking about how our actions make others feel and also how we can be look out for those who might need a friend and be a good friend ourselves.

    1. Enemy pie by Derek Munson-Cute way of teaching about how we should treat our enemies.

    1. Those shoes by Marebith Boelts-A boy wants new shoes really bad, but learns that there may be something better: friendship.

    1. Have you filled a bucket today? by Carol McCloud- Being a bucket filler means that you go around trying to be nice to people rather than mean, it talks about how being nice to people can make both of us happy.  This book will be a catalyst for our family activity listed at the end of this post.

  1. Llama, Llama Time to Share by Ann Dewdney-This one will be for my 2 year old; it tells the story of a typical play date where 2 friends have to learn to share.

If you’re interested in more books about sharing, check out this great website.

Songs we will sing and Videos we will watch:

  1.   “Skidamarink” (I Love You)-The first one is a cute song that says I love you in a fun way, kids love this one and it’s fun to sing it to or with your kids.  It’s also a good one for teaching kids to skip, which I will be trying with my 4 year old.
  2. The second song, “A Happy Family,” sings about how we love all the members of our family.
  3. The third is actually a short movie about the history of Valentine’s Day.
  4. The last is a sharing song; we will sing this and pass around a heart or stuffed animal, sorry no video on this one, but you can find it here and I made a free printable of the song you can print here.

Story of Valentine’s Day


      1.  Make valentine notes for our family and friends.  I picked up some simple cards and stickers and my preschooler and a few of her siblings quickly picked this project up and went with it, the only problem being that they licked the envelopes before I knew who they were for.  
      2. Learn how to draw hearts with this free printable from projects for preschoolers.
      3. Make love monsters with playdough, pipe cleaners and sequins.
      4. Valentine necklaces with beads and pipe cleaners.


      1.  I found lots of fun gross motor valentine games with easy set up from  You can find them here.  We are going to play a variation of duck, duck, goose (heart, heart, valentine).  We will also put on some music and dance, when the music stops we’ll have to find someone to hug.
      2. Make and decorate cupcakes with candy hearts and share them with friends, probably not on Valentine’s Day.
      3. Math counting game from modern preschool where you roll a dice and put that number of pompoms in a heart cookie cutter, though I’ll probably put them on a paper heart, since I have those on hand already.  You can find it here.

For the whole family:

This will really be for everyone.  We have a bucket that we will encourage the kids to write down things they love, either things they saw someone else do or that they love to do themselves.  We are hoping to review it at dinnertime.


This is adapted from this idea from Kristen at


So, that’s the plan.  Hope your month of love is full of well, love.  From now on, I’ll be bringing you one of these kids activity posts just once a month on the first post of the month so if you’re following along you can get things ready to do them.  Next week, I’ll be back with a big question, I have this year for myself.