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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

-William Butler Yeats

Super Simple Shopping for Kids

Do you like shopping for your kid’s clothes? I have a hard time with it, for several reasons: It’s costly.  A basic wardrobe for one person, twice a year, times 7=half my inheritance money annually (just kidding, I don’t have inheritance money, silly) It’s time consuming. I really don’t care... Read More

25 Unconventional Ways to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

I slept on a cold, hard floor last night with vomit on my shirt.  After spending the day tending to one child who had a sore throat and cough and another child who was sure she was going to throw up any moment, I was a little surprised when my... Read More

Having Fun With Halloween: the Easy Way

Halloween, you either love it, hate it, or somewhere in between.  Although, I can understand and respect why some families have chosen not to celebrate Halloween at all in their homes, we have chosen not to go that route.  My husband happens to love Halloween, he calls it “his holiday.”... Read More

Potty Training Questions: Answered

We all know we have to do it, eventually. It’s not fun. It’s not pretty and it can try the patience of even the most saintly among us. It is a fact of parenthood that all children will need to be potty trained, whether or not their parents want to... Read More

What I Wish I’d Known When I Potty Trained My First Child

I’m writing this post for a friend. She is afraid of potty training. I can relate because I am, too.  After potty training 4 kids you would think I’d be a little less scared, but I’m not.  There are so many things that can go wrong.  Fortunately, there are some... Read More

Be the boss of your cleaning schedule

This month, we’ve been talking about scheduling.  We’ve handled picking our priorities and filling in the cracks.  It’d probably be irresponsible and a little bit mean to move on without addressing the issue that can steal the joy from both: that is the responsibility of cleaning and taking care of... Read More