Books I recommend for new moms:

The Happiest Baby on the Block-taught me how to calm a fussy baby and also how to keep a baby happy.  Happy baby=Happy mom:)

Babywise-taught me how to get my babies to sleep through the night starting at 9-12 weeks.  This is HUGE people and it really works!

Your Baby’s First Year by American Pediatric Association-gave me a good overview of what I could expect in the next few months of my baby’s life also answered lots of questions I had, a good general guidebook.


Craft Materials to have on hand:

Because your too busy to go to the craft store every week.

  1.  Construction Paper
  2. Do a dot art markers
  3. Playdough
  4. Crayons, Markers, Chalk, and colored pencils
  5. Glue
  6. Safety scissors
  7. Paint and paintbrushes
  8. Art smocks-for the paint:)
  9. Stickers
  10. A good idea book:  We especially like this one, it’s made for 2 year olds, but I find that my older kids like the ideas as well.